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Deal Breakers are Limits That You Can't Live With

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Deal breakers are your personal limits about what you either can't or don't want to live with. They are different from red flags that you see are inidicative of someone who is either not healthy enough for a relationship or does not support the choices that will keep you safe.

Simple deal breakers might be, for instance, you're a non-smoker and don't care to live with a smoker or he's a dog person and you're a dog person. For these, you might want to apply a ranking of 1 to 5 or 10, evaluating just how important that characteristic is to you. The important thing is to remember that your rules of the contract provide you with a safety zone, to keep you from rushing in so quickly that your rational mind goes out the window.

Some possible deal breakers:
"Profanity is the result of a weak mind trying to express itself forcably"
- Dale Adams

If you have more examples of deal breakers, do please drop me a line and I may add them. (this is a test… do I have you thinking about what you don't want?) That's just as important as what you do want!

The important thing for you, then, is to make your own list of deal-breakers. While you're not attached to someone by sex (yet), while you're clear-headed enough to not have to justify behavior that you would not choose to be around for the rest of your life (because isn't that what you're really looking for?)

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